Preventing telecom outages with environmental monitoring systems
Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017

Network outages are exorbitantly expensive, in part because reliable telecommunications networks are the backbones of modern business. Critical applications such as VoIP telephony, video conferencing and email all depend heavily on the corporate wide area network, meaning that any downtime is hugely disruptive and costly.

A 2016 survey of IT professionals, conducted by Talari Networks, revealed that 89 percent of respondents had experienced at least one outage that year, and 69 percent had gone through at least two such incidents. These events take a toll: The monetary losses range from $1 million to $60 million per year, according to an IHS study.

Understanding network downtime and how to prevent it

Given that downtime is so expensive, what can be done to stop it? There are several critical junctures that must be secured:

  • The WAN itself: Many companies have shifted to versatile software-defined WANs for better adaptability under rapidly changing business requirements and conditions.
  • The backend telecom infrastructure: Transceiver stations, cellular towers and control rooms are all subject to a variety of environmental and electrical threats that can contribute to outages.

Let's focus only on the latter issue for now. In a research paper about the telecommunications industry in Bangladesh, the authors noted that its growth had been hampered by a "power crisis" under which grid electricity was not being supplied to new BTS cellular facilities. As a result, service providers had to set up and use their own voltage temperature monitors to regulate their generators and battery-based backups.

"A variety of environmental and electrical threats can contribute to outages."

These components were parts of larger systems for guarding against problems such as voltage fluctuations, load shedding and complete outages. The lesson from this particular episode is that telcos often must be proactive in how they protect their assets from a wide range of potential challenges. Environmental monitoring solutions provide the comprehensive protections that service providers need.

Temperature monitors and more: How the telecommunications sector benefits from these tools

ITWatchDogs offers many environmental monitoring solutions that make administrators' lives easier as they attempt to keep tabs on their equipment. It is straightforward to monitor temperature, humidity, analog inputs, BTS power supplies and room entries.

This way, you dramatically lower the risk of an unplanned outage, which will save you a lot of money and integrity. Learn more today on our telecom environmental monitoring systems page.