Proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress highlights how important energy-efficiency has become in data centers.
Temperature monitoring plays a key role in modern data center cooling.
Environmental monitoring solutions help to minimize downtime and protect investments in electricity and infrastructure.
AliCloud, the cloud computing division of the Chinese Alibaba Group, has made a data center with a unique twist: It's cooled by water from a nearby lake.
Fires in the server room c\are a huge risk to server uptime and customer satisfaction. 
With all of the "going green" initiatives that have gained so much popularity recently, it's interesting that more people aren't pushing for energy efficiency in America's data centers.
The difference between relative and absolute humidity can have disastrous results in the server room. 
Data center temperature monitoring is a huge part of ensuring server uptime.
It's a tale as old as time. A small startup founded in someone's basement has finally made it big. They've hooked their first big client and now have the money to move into a real office space.
A courthouse in Columbia County, Oregon, received a blow to their server uptime last month when a call was made to the local fire department about an odd smell in the server room.
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